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Let a New Image for Your Life Take Root: Nourish it with eyes of Faith and Love

What if today you let a new image for our life take root? As we let go of anything holding us back, we clear the way for a a new image full of unlimited possibility to unfold. And we see it grow through the natural twists and turns of life when we nourish it with eyes of faith.

Why not see life with Rose-Colored Glasses?

I heard a joke recently, a man walked into the optometrist and said, you know I tend to see only the negative side of things. Do you have any of those rose-colored glasses in stock? 

I’ll take a pair, right! We’ve all been a place where we needed to see with a fresh perspective. Too often we begin seeing with a magnifying glass when we need to see it wider, deeper knowing even amidst challenges or setbacks, there are glimmers of good, of love, of learning, and growth. That's what life is. All of it.

Embracing all the SEASONS of LIFE

When we see life as seasons, we see everything is changing. What’s tricky is that each of us is experiencing seasons of our lives at different times, that’s on purpose though. When we look beside us, we lose site of what's within, how far we've come. We're all on different journeys. Here to LEARN from one another, but NOT COMPARE one another. We're all on our own unique journey of soul unfoldment and growth.

God, the universe, places people in our life to remind us to open our eyes, and see again—it’s not just optometrists that do that. There is a lot of love when we open to it and create loving moments with those that come into our lives. How are you looking at what is coming up? You'd be surprised that when you change inside you, what's outside and around changes too.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” - Dr. Wayne Dyer

In a different season of my life… had three kids under the age of 4. I could only go to Aldi or Costco because there the carts were big enough to have two kids in the seats and and one in the carrier in the cart or being worn with an ergo. One day, I cut it a little too close to lunch time and nap time. Everyone was hangry, wining, and at their worst—a tired, hangry. trifecta And I am in line and that’s when the lady behind me in line says…  your children are a pure delight. I remember thinking… we can’t possibly be looking at the same thing. She had some of those rose-colored glasses on.

Infinite perspectives are possible in every situation

She was in a different season of life, and saw what I was in with fresh eyes, and her perspective helped me form a new one… She helped me to pause and just be ok with what was showing up now. I changed my energy, my outlook, and with fresh eyes I could see the good in it.

You never know who or what your next teacher will be.

You can always choose to see what you are going through differently. It takes practice. To be able to pause, notice your energy, your thoughts. Are you creating a story in your head for what is happening before you? Is that story helping you or hurting you? Once you take that pause, you can ask a question. And that pause can change what you see and help you find clarity to see it differently, with eyes of love, of faith of hope—whatever is needed for you to show up as your best, your higher self.

Pause, and ask a new question, and see what's before you differently

How can I see this different?

What is this teaching me?

And that very question can change your perspective.

The way we look at things, at your life matters

You can call it your mindset, your energy, your attitude… what you hold in your mind SETS the LIMITS and OPPORTUNITIES for your life.

We move toward the image we have for ourselves.

If you don’t like what’s showing up, you've got to change the image, shift your mindset. Within you is a divine pattern for your life. Turn within and you will know your next step, open to a new story, and fresh perspective. It's within you now. And you can make a change. It can only come from you.

Take a moment now to pause. Create a new image for yourself. For how you will show up. For how you will feel within, knowing it matters. It's felt by those around you. There are infinite perspectives, why not choose one like what God sees? With eyes of Love, of Faith, of Hope.

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you truly love. It will not lead you astray." - Rumi


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