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Morning Meditation: Listen to Center and Tune into Positivity

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Start your morning off right with a grounding, calming meditation with positive affirmations.

Allow the words in this guided meditation to be your own loving inner voice.

Relax Your Body

You will be guiding into relaxing your body as you prepare to enter into this meditation.

Connect with your Higher Self

Within you is love, light, and a positive energy that is your essence. In the busyness of our days, we lose sight of it. Meditation helps you to reconnect with it and prepare to love and be loved in your relationships, work, and day to day experiences.

Affirm what is possible

Positive affirmations help you train your mind to see the good in what is happening. There is always some good we have to find it and tune our brains to focus on it over what is going wrong. Allow these positive affirmations to be your inner voice to help you feel better and more positive throughout your day.

Be Still

Time in the quiet is just what your soul and spiritual self needs to recenter. This rejuvination helps you connect better in your relationships, perform better in your work, and experience greater health and wellbeing - by making more positive choices moment by moment.

Take Action in Alignment with your Heart

The goal of meditation is to quiet your busy mind that focuses on doing and to connect with your heart that focuses on being. Being Love allows you to show up as your higher self with love, truth, understanding, patience, and authenticity. It's from this heart-fulness that you create greater wholeness, harmony, and well-being that creates lasting fulfiment and a sense of purpose in your life

Allow this guided meditation to start of your morning in the right way so you are centered, calm, and show up and create a beautiful day for you and your family!


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