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Award-winning author specializing in topics relating to mindfulness, spirituality, meditation, mindful parenting, family flow, and well-being.




Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body & Baby Connection

Peaceful Mama shares the tools every mom and mom-to-be needs to improve her well-being and raise consciousness through a unique and practical framework in six life-changing areas:

Movement, Affirmations, Mindfulness, Abundance, Health, and Heart.


Nourish Method

Create a deeper bond with your child and create a foundation for a present and joyful life. No special skills needed. The Nourish Method is a new approach to parenting that shows you can implement mindfulness into the things you're already doing.

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Above the Clouds

One family strewn in big lies. Another in little lies. A new family starting off fresh with the intention of being in truth. Yet, pasts come up into the present leading to internal obstacles and fears that are hard to overcome. Step into this heartfelt yet tragic telling of how our families give us roots and wings yet it's up to each of us to break from the clouds and learn to fly.


5 Principles for Family Flow

You become in flow with life when you reflect on your beliefs, values, and intentions and make decisions day to day in alignment to them. The Five Principles, grounded in ancient teachings but applied to modern day, guides you let go of external influences, internal obstacles, and fears holding you back so you and your family can be in flow and grow together with deeper intention, purpose, and joy in being who you were made to be.

Family Walk
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