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Presence Circle for Parents and Caregivers meets Thursday Evenings

The open-hearted collective healing practice known as Presence Circle helps each of us develop and deepen our connection with our self and others through intention setting and mindful sharing and listening.

Join me and others on Thursdays from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at Unity Spiritual Center of Oak Park in creating a Parent and Caregiver Presence Circle.

What is a Presence Circle?

Presence Circle is a relational meditation practice that focuses on the power of listening from the heart, simultaneously fostering compassion and nondual awareness. This practice cultivates the skills of abiding in Presence and attuning to the heart’s inner knowing, as one may also develop through an individual meditation practice, but integrates them into the more complex relational sphere where we spend much of our lives.

Another way to look at the Presence Circle is through the mastermind principle: When two or more gather in an atmosphere of trust and harmony for the purpose of living from a higher consciousness, the combined energies of the group are many times greater than the individual and often result in dramatic, positive changes.

What is Presence?

Sitting in Presence is a practice of returning to our home ground in the heart to become a container. We consider this to be sitting in our soul, in the present moment, open and available to receive from life and from the other.

Presence is the unbounded spaciousness that can be felt in the depths of our being. This space is outside of the realm of mundane concerns and the mind’s tendencies to judge and compare. It is, in fact, outside of time. It is about being here in the eternal now.

Why be Present?

It helps you show up as your best self. This creates stronger relationships, opens the way for better communication and connection, and greater flow and fulfillment in life - all the good stuff! Join us as we practice the presence and take the next step toward greater meaning in personal and family life!


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