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5 Tips for a Meaningful Christmas Season with your Family

Earlier this year my three children asked me if Santa was real. I told them the truth.

It didn't change a thing about the magic of the season. If anything, it made it better.

They know the little gifts that fill our advent calendar and their shoes on St. Nick's day and their stocking on Christmas morning is their dad and me, and it's ok.

They are just as excited to see where our little Elf is hiding each morning. They still write up their Christmas lists to Santa. And there is only truth, and I like that.

Santa is Inside all of Us

We were talking about how we still have to keep the secret of Santa alive for little ones around us. That's when my daughter said, "I feel like Santa is inside all of us." She was so right—call it Santa, Spirit, God, Love. It is inside all of us and we all get to keep it alive by keeping it bright and being the light, at any age.

5 Tips for a MEANINGFUL Christmas Season with YOUR FAMILY

  1. Create a list of your Top Experiences. We sit down right after Thanksgiving, and make a list of the experiences that we are most excited for. Lights shows, holidays walks, shows and movies are abundant. But if you don't set a plan, you will get too filled up and not with what you love most. Schedule your must-do's first. Then, fill in with what feels fun, including plenty of time for rest and hanging out.

  2. Amp up the Advent Calendar. This year we put more fun and feeling into our advent calendar. Adding experiences, calls for kindness, humor, and challenges made it more fun and exciting. In years past, it became a lot of candy and things. Check this post about Advent and even a Template for your own Meaningful Advent Calendar Experience.

  3. Green Pickle Ornament. The green pickle ornament is a German Tradition that we are just starting. On Christmas morning, the pickle ornament is hidden deep in the tree. On Christmas morning, the first child to find it gets an extra present and good luck the entire year! This new tradition creates a little extra fun in the morning.

  4. Christmas Books. We store our Christmas Books away along with the Christmas decorations. We take them out for the month of December and read from them together as much as we can. Each year, we collect one or two more while always returning to our favorites too. On Christmas Eve, we do a read aloud of a few of our favorites, and its become a meaningful Christmas family tradition.

  5. Secret Family Elves. We draw family member names out of a hat. Throughout the month, each person does nice things and simple acts of services for the family member they picked - while keeping it a secret! Acts can include a sweet note under their pillow, making their bed, an unexpected treat, or doing a chore for them. They also buy a special gift for this person to open Christmas morning.

Being More Present and Appreciative creates More Meaningful Experiences

As we go through the seasons of life and growth of our children, keeping rituals alive and meaningful is important. What's even more important is being present and appreciative of what we have now.

Knowing that traditions will evolve as our children do helps us move with the seasons, be more present, and soak up the moments. That's what it's all about—making meaningful moments with the ones we love that live on and on in our hearts. Even if family members aren't feeling it, you having a positive energy and wholehearted attitude is felt.

Choose love moment by moment, choice by choice and you'll enjoy more, stress less, and and keep that spirit of Santa alive within you and your home!

These are a few of our traditions. What are yours?


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