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Sleep More Soundly with Calming Nightime Meditation

Sometimes it's hard for our bodies to relax into sleep.

Worries from the day. Frustrations of a racing mind makes it hard to relax calmly and peacefully.

A guided meditation before bed can be just what you need to unwind from your day, calm your body, and let go of any questions or worries you may have for your mind and the universe to help you solve while you sleep.

Calm Meditation to Help you Fall Asleep

This meditation begins with a body scan mediation will calm your body, next you will reflect on your day, and get hopeful for the day ahead. The meditation closes with gentle focused attention on all of your energy spots within your body. Leaving you feel loved, whole, and calm for your perfect night of sleep.

Sleep Meditation for your Whole Family

This meditation allows you and your children to get comfortable, close your eyes, and imagine that you’re actually inside a story that will leave you feeling good inside as you drift into sleep.

As you are guided into feeling the love inside you, you will calm your mind, rest your body, and ease into a perfect atmosphere of calm and serenity.


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