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Inspiring Connection, Contribution & Better Family Life

Helping YOU find JOY in the JOURNEY. It's about HOW you GET THERE, not WHERE you GO.

Articles for your Mind, Family & Spirit 

Daily Meditations Podcast


My name is Lindsay Ambrose

As a certified postpartum doula, group facilitator, and mindful & spiritual guide, I empower families to cultivate meaningful connections and stronger bonds through accessible and engaging content, programs, and experiences. She inspires greater connection, compassion, and communication among parents, caregivers, and children that creates happier and healthier families where children thrive and flourish. Learn more

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Facilitation Testimonial

“Lindsay has very strong facilitation skills and is very approachable to the parents she is working with. She has a gentle and friendly approach that really draws out meaningful conversation and engagement from participants. She even led the group with a calming meditation.”

Jennifer Little, Collaboration for Early Childhood

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