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For mind, soul, spirit, and family


To ground, center, and calm


To show up as your higher self

Daily Meditations Podcast


My name is Lindsay Ambrose

I have an M.A. in writing, am a certified postpartum doula and group facilitator, and trained as a mindfulness and spiritual guide. Through her writing, classes, and meditations, she leads people, especially families in transition, to create wholeness within and harmony at home with family. Co-author of Peaceful Mama, the Mind, Body, and Baby Connection and co-creator of the Nourish Method for incorporating mindfulness at home.

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Meditation Class
“Lindsay has very strong facilitation skills and is very approachable to the parents she is working with. She has a gentle and friendly approach that really draws out meaningful conversation and engagement from participants. She even led the group with a calming meditation.”

Jennifer Little, Collaboration for Early Childhood


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