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Appreciate where you are now

 Be here now instead of trying to get there.

Family Well-Being


Connect Within + With Family + Be more Present

Working from Home

Parent education from baby soothing to potty training to instilling family values and keeping calm. Listen and apply the principles to create well-being at home.

Support Group

Expert facilitation of support groups, workshops, and forums for creating community and connection that leads to family well-being and
personal growth.

Audio Courses + Content for Well-Being

Audio courses come with an mp3 and e-workbook. They guide you on practical matters to spiritual and emotional tuning so you find your footing, feel better about yourself as a person and parent, and feel more joy with your family!

Mindful + Spiritual Articles

Content to Inform + Inspire + Encourage your Higher Self

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Life Recipes Podcast

Be still. Connect within. Connect with others.

Practical, heart-centered methods and meditations for being present, creating well-being, and finding your flow. Taking moments to connect within by listening and see how you connect better with those around you and feel greater harmony and wholeness.

Candles & Plants

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Meet Lindsay Ambrose

Award-winning author, postpartum doula, 
group facilitator & coach

Lindsay's writings, courses, meditations, and coaching is centered around conscious living, mindfulness, spirituality, family wellbeing, parenting, and self-development.


Through her eloquent words and naturally calm demeanor, she gently leads people on their own journey toward a more connected, purposeful, and connected way of being. 


Lindsay is trained in Mindfulness, is a DONA-certified postpartum doula, and a COFI-certified group facilitator who is loved for her patience, nurturing guidance, and wealth of knowledge on how to grow yourself, be a conscious parent, connect with others, and live a more meaningful, spirited life.


Lindsay co-authored the book Peaceful Mama, the Mind, Body, and Baby Connection and currently working on another book for families. 

Most importantly, she is the mother of three spirited children, a wife, and an avid trail runner, reader, and traveler always looking for the next adventure.

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