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Meet Lindsay Ambrose

Parent educator, postpartum doula,
best-selling author & mompreneur

Lindsay is a DONA trained postpartum doula, COFI trained group facilitator, Unified mindfulness guide, and in the process of obtaining certification as a Baby Sleep Consultant. She is very knowledgeable on what babies need and teaching families so that they can become confident parents.

Practical Wisdom

A range of postpartum doula, parent education, and mindfulness services offered both in-person and virtually. Services guide you to connecting within, with family, and with nature to feel more connected and whole.

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Consider this the parenting instruction book you never received. Parent education workshops and courses will leave you feeling confident and ready to handle your next parenting challenge.

Mother Holding Baby

The early weeks after having a new baby can be incredibly challenging. Postpartum doula care helps you learn tools and systems, catch up on rest, and feel better during a time that can create some anxiety.

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Life Recipes Podcast

To be more present, connected, and wholehearted

Practical, heart-centered methods and meditations for being present, creating well-being, and finding your flow. Taking moments to connect within by listening and see how you connect better with those around you and feel greater harmony and wholeness.

Audio Courses + Workshops

All the audio courses come with an mp3 along with an e-workbook. They guide you through the practical matters like baby soothing, sleep, potty training, and creating a routine to the spiritual and emotional tuning like mindfulness and meditation so you feel good as a person and a parent!

EveryDayEveryMom Blog

Content to inform + uplift + inspire parents to be more wholehearted and connected to themselves, their families and the world around.



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