About me

My journey toward doing this work started when I was a stay-at-home mom with three children under the age of three. 


I was living the life I once dreamed for myself but wasn't really there for it because I was consumed with comparison, blame, and fear of not being enough instead of living and loving my own life.


I soon realized that I had to take radical responsibility for everything showing up in my life, let go of my need to please everyone else, and actually do the work to grow myself to courageously step into the life I dreamed for myself.

Today my writing, courses, meditations, and coaching shares tools and methods for conscious living, mindfulness, self-development, spirituality, creating family wellbeing, handling myriad parenting challenges, and appreciative living.

My training in Mindfulness, as a DONA-certified postpartum doula, and a COFI-certified group facilitator along with an innate desire and curiosity to continue learning and growing myself each day helps me be a conscious leader who helps others find their footing and confidence in parenting and life.


Lindsay co-authored the book Peaceful Mama, the Mind, Body, and Baby Connection and currently working on another book for families. 

Most importantly, she is the mother of three spirited children, a wife, and an avid trail runner, reader, and traveler always looking for the next adventure.

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“Lindsay started with our family when our son was 9 days old.  We were very nervous about leaving him even if it was just to the other room to sleep.  From the minute she walked in to our condo, Lindsay made us feel at ease and we knew our son was in the best hands.  As first time parents, it was also comforting to have someone to talk with and get advice from on everything infant and sleep related.  We would spend the first 30 minutes after she arrived just talking about the day and evening.  The same would happen in the morning as she briefed us on how the night went. The original plan was to have her with us for 6 weeks and it ended up being 11!  I don’t know how we would’ve made it through those first weeks without Lindsay’s help.”

Postpartum doula client, Chicago IL


"Lindsay planned and facilitated a 6-week group for prenatal and new moms through zoom. Each week she welcomed the moms and went through an ice breaker activity with them. Lindsay then provided information on topics such as expectations, newborn needs, feeding, sleep, routines, and self-care. Although the group was done virtually, Lindsay helped the participants connect with each other through introductions and by utilizing breakout rooms. She created an open and safe environment for moms to share and ask questions at their comfort level. We had excellent feedback from families that they felt they learned new information about child development and parenting, felt more confident about parenting, felt more connected to other parents, and that they would recommend the group to a friend. We will definitely partner with Lindsay again in the future."

Easter Seals Program Supervisor, Oak Park IL


"Lindsay has very strong facilitation skills and is very approachable to the parents she is working with.She has a gentle and friendly approach that really draws out meaningful conversation and engagement from participants. She even led the group with a meditation ”

Collaboration for Early Childhood Program Manager, Oak Park IL


"Lindsay was a great support to my family. She worked with me on establishing routines for the baby, assisted with feeding issues, answered my numerous questions about caring for a newborn, and most importantly, provided excellent care for my newborn. My baby was premature and had spent time in the NICU before we brought him home, so I was always so grateful for Lindsay’s help and appreciated her ability to put me at ease during a somewhat stressful time. Moreover, Lindsay was always on time, professional, and responsive to all of our questions.  She demonstrated a caring, nurturing, and attentive nature."

Postpartum Doula Client, Oak Park IL