Winter bringing you down?

Updated: Jan 19

Winter brings a nice slow-down but less sunlight can often negatively affect your mood.

Having a morning stillness and meditation ritual helps you start your day right so you keep your light even as the day darkens.

Centering yourself in this way helps you see the mundane with fresh eyes and find moments of joy as you practice focus more on what's going right then wrong.

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Why start with stillness?

As you take a few moments to focus on your breath. You get into this moment. In this moment there is nowhere to be but here. This moment is spacious. This moment you are connecting to your essence.

As you breath in deeply you connect to that part of you…

That is centered

That is love

That is peace

That is still

That is truth

That is your essence

Your mind still races. Getting still brings you back to center.

You approach the thoughts that come though with openness with curiosity.

Allowing them to move through. These thoughts are not you.

You feel emotions based on the thoughts you think and what you see around you. You approach these emotions. Allowing them to be. You feel and they move through. They pass by.

You return to your Breath

You can return to the stillness at any time during your day by focusing on breath, by pausing. You return to your breath again to center.

Thank yourself for beginning your day with this stillness

This ritual that allows you to focus so you can really be present for all the experiences that come your way today.

With presence you move through the challenges of today with greater ease. Problems only exist in the moment. With presence you have clarity for how to solve your problems. Your mind may trick you into trying to solve tomorrow’s problem today. Or believe that you deserve to still feel shame or punishment for the problem you faced yesterday.

This time in the stillness reminds us that all you have is this moment. In this moment, right now you are at peace. You will do what is yours to do when it is yours to do it.

Today you set the Intention to Act with kindness, with respect, with honesty, with love.

This makes you beautiful as you move forward, connect and act in the loving way. Your light shines and is felt for all that you touch today.

Today you are present for the most beautiful things in life - the moments. The moments where you feel, connect, smile, laugh, and even as you feel hard things. This is life. Feeling all these things.

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