Your Mindset Matters: How to Make a Shift in Mindset if Yours isn't Serving You

Your mindset, the set of beliefs you hold and way you think, has power. It determines your attitude, outlook, and eventually outcome.

You can observe the beliefs you hold by taking some time in stillness. Time connecting within helps you to create some space between what happens and how you are responding. You can examine what beliefs are serving you and which are not.

Awareness is the first step.

Then you can pivot and begin to create new beliefs that are more in alignment to how you want to be, show up and respond. This is how you shift your mindset.

You’re not in control of everything that happens. But you are in control of your mind and how you choose to respond to what is coming up.

You choose how you are going think about your experience. You can choose differently.

Every moment is an opportunity to start fresh.

You are the only one that is on to an old story or belief from your past. You can change if it’s not serving you.

Recently, I read the opposite of love is actually laziness. It’s passive failure to love.

In any moment, you have that choice. To move forward in a loving way for yourself, your partner, your work, your family. Or not.

You can shift your mindset toward love. It takes practice. You will feel it and so will your family. your energy ripples out.

The more often you shift toward love, the easier it becomes. Especially because you’ll see all the good radiating back to you from that choice.

Life Recipe: How to create a mindset shift toward Loving thoughts for you, your partner, your work, and your family

Mindset Shift Ingredients:

  1. Awareness

  2. Observation

  3. Intention

  4. Be Kind and Love Yourself

Mindset Shift Steps:

Awareness Choose an area of your life where you are experiencing some discontent: wealth/work, relationships/marriage, family/connection, health/fitness, or home/space. Start with one and eventually move on to create new intentions in any area that you want to improve.

Observation Observe the thoughts that you hold in this area. Withhold judgement or guilt. Just bring your curious awareness to them. Write them down if that’s helpful for you.

Intention Next, set an intention for the way you want to feel in this area, what beliefs you want to have about this. Write it in your journal or in the notes section on your phone. Be really clear about what you want. What it feels like, looks like.

Now, think about one simple step you can take in alignment with that intention.

Say your intention back to yourself in the morning and other times during the day as needed.

Be Kind and Love Yourself Be kind to yourself whenever you slip into your old negative thinking pattern, against your new intention.

You can always take a moment to pause, breathe, reconnect to your intention, and recenter in that thinking. Continue doing this throughout the day whenever you need to reset.

Reflect each evening on positive action that you took and how your mindset shift helped and what resulted.

You can set a goal to take another step when you are up for it at a frequency that works for you, daily, weekly

If you get off track, start again fresh the next day by saying your intention and taking a first step.

It takes practice, just like anything. You set your intention and practice, train your brain to think in this new way. We’re all wired and conditioned to think in a certain way - our brains work this way. It comes from past experiences, how you were treated when you were younger. But you can change.

You’re meant to continually be evolving and growing. You’re also meant to be feeling peace and fulfillment and joy in all of these life areas.

Change your mindset. Change your life. See how the change positively impacts your relationships and helps you love yourself and bring more love into your work, relationships, and life!

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