Today or Never - Two Ways to Not Procrastinate and Do what is Most Important to You

Mary Poppins returns says "today or never."

The phrase, today or never, is something you can use in your life to not procrastinate and do the thing that is truly important to you.

There are always distractions outside of you and even inside in your own head - worries, fears, doubts, comparisons - that prevent you from being your best and doing what is most important to you, what your heart calls you to do.

Here are two ways to live out that 'today or never 'mindset and to not procrastinate on what is most important to you so you feel good when you put your head down at night.

How to do what is most important to you - what your heart calls you to do

1. Nightly Reflection + Intention from your Heart Take a couple moments each night before you go to bed to think about what you did that made you feel good during your day.

Did you do what you said you would do?

What really brought you joy?

What got into the way of doing what felt good in your heart?

How did you show up and feel inside you and how did you make those around you feel?

Next, and take a moment to write and intention for what you truly desire to do tomorrow. How do you want to show up? What is something that is important to you, that will bring you joy and fulfillment that you desire to do tomorrow? How will you connect? What do you need to do to be your best?

Write down one thing you can do tomorrow to bring that greater joy, connection and alignment to your heart in a journal or in your phone.

Setting this intention, and writing it down, helps you to remember it actually do it instead of putting it off until tomorrow or the next day and then never. It's easier to do what you've always done but that doesn't bring the joy and fulfillment you need to feel good and show up as your best.

2. Pause, Reset and Back Into Alignment with your Heart Everyday you are pulled in many different directions. This is life. You have work and family and friends and so much more.

It's too easy to get off track from what your heart wants by trying to meet the needs for others. The problem with that is if you are missing the things that are most important, you heart's true desires, by being busy with things that aren't that important to you. Then you won't find fulfillment in anything.

At any moment, you can reset.

You can reset and get into alignment with the intention of your heart. It's helpful to have done a bit of reflection (like in step 1) to know what that truly is for you. Only you will know.

Take a pause whenever you feel overwhelm or unease. Today or never. Reset and recenter with your heart's desire. You'll know it because you feel it when you are connected to it.

What is your intention for how you want to be showing up for your work and your family right now?

What is the best choice for your health and and welbeing right now.

How can you be the person you want to be in connection with.

It starts with you. Pause and take a step in that direction to where you desire to be.

You can pause and reconnect to your intention at any moment.

Remember you can't control everything that happens day to day, you can control how you respond and show up.

So take a pause at any time. Reset yourself and recenter into how you want to be, how you want to show up.

You can always breathe and be here now and be the best you can be - which is in alignment with your inner truth, your heart center where your capacity for love, joy, and connection lives.

Your Higher Self = Your Heart Self = Your True Self

This is the voice of truth that is always there, sometimes just a whisper, guiding you along to connect, choose love, and show up as your higher self.

As Oprah said, "Take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space."

To be a connected, loving energy wherever you go follow these two simple practices:

  1. Nightly Reflection + Intention from your heart

  2. Pause, Resent + Back Into Alignment with your Heart

Today or Never. If not now then when?

Listen to the meditation on this

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