Simple practice to enjoy more and worry less in just a few minutes a day

Did you know that stress is actually fear? Fear of failing or not being good enough.

Of course stress is good one one level, as it gives you the motivation to work hard to keep at it to make it better. But too much is too much.

If you are consistently striving, craving and not enjoying. Then it's too much.

It may be time to look at what are you striving for? Is it for fear of failing that you are striving so much? Or you trying to create something externally that can actually only be found when looking internally?

This is a simple practice to begin thinking about your true desires and to be intentional. The practice of 3x3x3 allows you to look at what you are stressed or worried about in a productive way. As you bring awareness, you may be able to let it move through you so you can refocus on what you can control, your response to the stressful things coming up. You also look at what you are grateful for and lastly what your intentions are, what do you really want?

Life Recipe: Daily practice to stress less, appreciate more in just a few minutes a day 3x3x3

In just a few minutes a day, this practice allows you to think about:

  • What you are happy and grateful for. This is important because what you focus on grows. As you train yourself to focus on what is going right, instead of wrong, you slowly retrain yourself and begin feeling more appreciative and happy.

  • What you are stressed or worried about. Getting it out of your head and into the universe helps you formulate a solution or at least a step forward to feel more at ease and calm.

  • Your intentions, what you are aiming for. This is important because having something on the horizon that you are moving toward helps you move through the challenges of the day with greater ease. Knowing what you want helps you to say yes to what is important and prioritize it into your day.

Follow this practice to have greater wellbeing and to stress less and appreciate more and make today more meaningful!

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