Just Be: A Mindfulness Practice to Move through Hard Things

Mindfulness, like anything else, is a practice. It's about about skillfully managing your attention and awareness. It’s a skill you have to practice like any other skill. The more you do it the easier it becomes. But your work is to keep at it.

One mindful practice is called Just Be.

Just Be is a methodology to practice being aware and intentional with your thoughts. A way to be more mindful or present.

When something hard is coming up and you are suffering: Just Be

When you re suffering, remind yourself to Just Be. Don’t hide it, don’t stuff it down, don’t blame yourself or another. Just be and see how you move through that discomfort and suffering with greater calm and return to love.

Life recipe: Just Be

  1. Just Be. You can say yourself just be. This helps you be with whatever you are feeling, thinking, or experiencing. Bring awareness to it and just let it be. Create space for recognition of what you are feeling and acceptance of it. Letting it be what it is.

  2. Be open. Openness allows you to let it just be without trying to change it. You can be curious and observant to shat you are feeling and experiencing without trying to change it. As you bring awareness in an open way, you are able to move beyond. You are able to accept with equanimity, allowing things thoughts experiences to be without push or pull.

  3. Be Kind. Be compassionate and kind to yourself an others, knowing you did the best you could. Sometimes its your own judgement of yourself that you hold on to long after the act has been forgotten. YOu can move beyond this feeling of shame or guilt with compassion. Loving yourself through it. Extend kindness to yourself as you would a friend.

  4. Be Intentional. This is how you return to your higher self knowing there is natural flow and life is happening for you not to you. There is a lesson in what is coming up, teaching you something, helping to grow you. Now it is your choice to respond with intention. To be responsible for your energy, for your attitude. It your choice to return to love. Choose love.

This isn’t always easy. It’s seductive sometimes to stay in that state of anger, sadness, loathing. Yet, it is no way to be. Love grows and spreads more and brings you what you truly desire in your heart. It brings you a peace that is trusting of life and creates meaningful moments for you that are purposeful and wholesome that serve you and everyone around you.

What are you supposed to learn from this?

It’s important to remember that feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable feelings are a natural part of life, of growing and evolving yourself. How would we grow if it was pleasant and comfortable all the time? Of course you can create that for yourself, many people do because then there is no risk, nothing to fear, no challenges to overcome. Yet, we as humans thrive with trying new things.

Being mindful helps you find your flow through the natural ups and downs - to ride your wave and keep returning to love within you

Practices such as this helps you abandon thoughts you don't need, that don’t serve you. More on that in my last Mindset Matters post. It allows you to create space to heal and make room for new thoughts in alignment with who you are at your essence, your core, that is where you find joy, peace, love light and power to do what is right.

Instead of laziness and doing what is easy and comfortable, which doesn’t give us the outcome you desire that is true to your heart and who you are here to be. ,entso we can make room for the more meaningful moments throughout our day.

A way of being where you still do what you need to do, with greater appreciation, love, peace and joy

Mindfulness allows you to just be, where you are more aware of each moment, no matter what you are doing, and not being carried away by your thoughts or feelings or the experiences around you. It is not about trying to change anything. And not staying up in your head only doing doing doing.

It’s bringing an open awareness to this moment as you are experiencing it and a trust that it is for you not against you. And meditation is the distilled version of this. It is a practice to help you be more mindful or aware, to practice that single focus that brings a greater balance to the natural ups and downs. So you stay centered and calm in your heart even when hard things inevitably come up.

You can practice this open awareness in different ways: at a set time while sitting in silence, like every morning or every evening. But this isn’t always possible, so you can practice moment throughout the day, during your everyday activities.

Remember to just be.

Be open.

Be kind.

Be intentional.

Light, love, peace and power to you.

Check out my podcast Life Recipes & Meditations for more like this.

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