How to Forgive - Stay in flow with seasons of life

When you look around in nature, you see seasons of life coming, going, transitioning and blossoming. Nothing stays the same for long. Seasons come and go naturally as do life cycles.

Our life as humans is no different, yet sometimes we try so hard to hold on to what was. Grasping, not letting go, so much so that we are living in cloudiness.

Just like the nature all around us that changes season by season, so do we. As we transition from one season to the next, our relationships, circumstances, experiences, and mindset must evolve too

Accepting this natural flow is how we stay connected and in a loving state. Frustration and challenge is as natural as excitement and celebration. Some seasons bring much more challenge. This means there is a lot of growth, of transition into a better version of yourself.

You are meant to glide along, knowing that your circumstances are always temporary. Holding on to what was - good or bad - does not serve you or anyone you are connected with.

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Just as something new, beautiful and strong appears, we must accept and enjoy and the move on, creating space for the next bloom to to grow.

This means taking time to connect within regularly. This is how you begin to trust that voice within that is gliding you along. It’s easy to get lost by listening to the other voices that don’t serve you. The ones that bring you down, make you feel like you’re not doing it right. You are. Just as one flower doesn't not look to another for how to bloom. You can’t compare your life, your experiences with another. Your flow will be different. You have different things to learn, different talents to share, different journey to allow to unfold.

Take a moment to pause, to be in the stillness and connect within. With pauses throughout your day, you can better understand what you need to let go of, where you need to focus, what you need to forgive. It also gives you a chance to create and nourish that new blossom with you. You are always growing, but just as a flower needs water and sunshine. You need time in the stillness, in forgiveness, and time to create.

Making time for stillness, forgiveness, and creation allows you be in flow with the many seasons of your life. They all have their place on your journey. Embrace them, savor them, and your journey will be much brighter and more beautiful.


It’s easy to keep moving so fast that you don’t connect within. When you’re not connected within, it’s hard to connect with others. It’s hard to show up and be in flow with life. A gentle pause here and there helps you to reconnect and know your next step, thoughtfully and intentionally moving forward. It’s easy to stay on a path of fearful being without recognizing you are there, continuing to hurt people, not not connect, to not really be here now. This is no way to be. You miss out on what life is meant to be - connecting and experiencing and growing. A pause helps you to reconnect. Even when things are hard, you can pause. Accept the struggle knowing this is life teaching you what you need to grow yourself. When struggle is happening in your marriage, this is what you need to learn. If it was easy all the time, you would’t grow. So remember to pause. Be intentional about it. This helps you move through the natural hard and challenge with greater clarity, acceptance, and ease. And helps you enjoy the good a little more. Really be there to soak it up. It’s won’t be there all the time. This is the seasons we all have. So pause and really be there.


It’s hard to stay in flow if you’re carrying something, an old hurt or pain from your past. Each time you withhold a feeling and block it instead of being open and allowing flow, experiences are slightly cloudy. You miss out on all that is coming forth. Have you ever had that experience where something was on your mind that you just couldn’t let go of. A past conversation with your partner that left you feeling hurt or misunderstood or bad inside. While feelings come and go and this is natural. Holding on and blocking is not natural. It becomes heavy and cloudy and this is not how you are meant to be showing up for your life. Be intentional about forgiveness. Withholding forgiveness is like drinking poison with hope of hurting another. You may think you are hurting the other person, but you are only hurting yourself. This means you have to stay in flow with life by accepting others. This is not saying that when someone did something to you that hurt, it’s okay. It is not. But you are making the choice to accept what happened and move beyond it. As you do this, spirit within you and all around helps you through the process to find peace and happiness within again. This is your essence and how you are meant to be in the world. Staying in a place of resentment, anger, or judgement is no way to be. It’s actually not natural. It’s not real. The moment you are feeling thoughts that don’t feel good in your body, you can have that awareness to know it is not truth. It is not love and love is what you are. Practice forgiveness. This allows you to stay in flow and move with the natural seasons and flow of your life.


The next season of your life is your creation. It is a co-creation with all the good in the universe. The more you approach this new season of your life with love, with awe, with possibility the more aww-some it will be. As Ernest Holmes said “Never limit your view of life by any past experience.” Today is limitless. AS you forgive your past, what was, you lose the cloudy that’s blocking you from enjoying now from making today and your next season all that it can be. Too often we lose sight of all that’s possible by holding on to an old vision that wasn’t all that you hoped it would be. Let that go. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. You did the best you could with the tools and experience you had then. Give yourself that grace. And move forward creating all that you desire for tomorrow. Within you is all you need to create what you desire and overcome any obstacle and to live in peace.

In book of Ecclesiastes, he wrote: "To everything these is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven; . . . a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance" (3:1-4).

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