Grace: You are forgiven and you are loved as you are

There is a little gift that everyone's been given.

Even when you are at bottom, unhappy, or at your worst. You have grace.

Grace is a gift to you to remind you that you are loved. At any time, you can return to the love that inside you.

You may think that you are being judged, that you aren't good enough or could have done better. Yet that judgement, criticism, fear, worry, or regret exists only in your own head.

You have been given grace. Grace by the universe, God, love - whatever higher power you believe in. Grace is yours.

You don't have to be more or do more. Just as you are. You are enough. You have grace.

And you have been given grace to move through hard times.

You have grace to extend to others by your own presence. You can be grace for others.

You must first see that love in yourself.

Listen to this meditation on grace and know you are loved. You are forgiven.

Grace is your gift.

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