First day of school... and first day as a homeschooling mama

This year was going to be different for me.

I was going to have all three in school ALL DAY for the first time. An extended block of daytime hours to myself for the first time in almost 9 years!

Honestly, the thought of it was bittersweet. I've really enjoyed and feel so grateful that we were able to make it work for me to stay home with kids. I did Full-time work with my first, part-time project work with my second and full-time at home once my third came. It is a lot of work but a lot of fun.

But I'm not going to lie. 3 children in 5 years made for some Long Days and I was excited for a little Me-Time as I anticipated all of them in school this Fall.

I was gearing up to finally build out my family support services that I’ve been slowly creating during nap-time crunches and sunrise sessions on my computer—whenever I could get a free moment and could put aside my mom-brain fog. I was doing It. I was making stuff happen but this Fall was was was going to be different...

Then came the pandemic.

After a wild Spring of remote learning, our school district called for 100% remote learning this Fall with an even more rigorous schedule. I hardly kept up with the zooms, apps, and resource lists with 2 children so I knew it wouldn't work with 3 children. Learning from 8am-3pm at home, on their devices. My kindergartner tied to zoom for 7 hours? Me keeping up with three different digital classrooms?

Then came the new plan that you may be considering too... Homeschool.

I found a #AgentleFeast for our curriculum. Grades 1-3 so I can keep them all together for large part. With Cal doing more, Paige doing less, Lucy in the middle. And keeping them on their own with math using #khanacademy and some MontessoriManipulatives. Along with some science excitement sprinkled in (from Dad). I was feeling excited about it. I love the curriculum.

With homeschool, our lessons can be much more focused, shorter. I had my third grader do the math 3 students instead of 20, how much shorter could our day be?

Well, wrapping up by lunchtime leaving the afternoon for read-alouds, art, nature play and more time for delving into books and topics and activities that they're really into enables me to get some work done too without having montor Zoom until 3pm.

It leaves more time for #fieldtrips and #hikes and lots of #outdoortime in #nature. All of this follows along with the #CharlotteMason method of education that the curriculum follows. An approach that I feel akin with and naturally adapting to.

It was a hard decision but this feels right for us this year.

We’ll re-assess at the trimester. That gives us about 12 weeks right—to around Thanksgiving —to test the waters of homeschool and and we’ll see what’s going on at school and with the virus at that time.

Out hope is to return to school when schools back in session and more like how it was before everything changed so much. We loved our school and will miss our friends. But trust we will keep up as we connect after school and hopefully at the playground when we can.

I'm growing through all of this just as much as they are.

As my oldest approaches 9 this Fall, I think about how many twists and turns and ups and downs we’ve had. So many challenges, so much out our of our comfort zone, has lead to so much that I have grown and we have evolved as a family. Feels great to be in a different groove with children who are elementary aged and not toddlers or babies anymore. They stay busy with their own handicrafts and imaginations and can read for the afternoon and do their own thing and play together so well too.

We can come together for games and hikes and meals that they can help me make and for a little while—for learning. It’s a shift. I honestly couldn’t have imagined homeschooling them all a couple years ago. I needed a break then. It was so hands on, all in, and all day. It’s different now as they’re a little older, more open and receptive aware of others and of our family unit.

Excited for this next leg and to share what our experience through this blog

I will share our experience to give poher for other families who are considering Homeschool a glimpse into it as the social and school landscape makes such a shift.

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Afterschool In Nature Meetups

Also look ahead for posts about local #NatureExplorations that you can check out with your family. I’ll be coordinating some after-school meetups at different nature areas and forest preserves so other #families can join as we #explore and #hike and be #wildandfree in this new cycle of parenting and life.

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