Don't let the summer fly by - Make the most of it with these 5 strategies

Learn these 5 practical strategies to create a summer vibe in your home that is carefree, fun, and filled with what is meaningful you all!

Not too much, not too little, we're talking goldilocks just right! It's about quality not quantity. Whatever amount of time you have together with your kids on break—you can make it count with these strategies!

5 Strategies to make it the Best Summer Break with your Children

  1. Don’t let it be full of too much of what you don’t want - Be Intentional - Look at what time you have and use the worksheet I share to create a Bucket list together with your family so you do the things you want. Quality is more important than quantity.

  2. Don’t let it fly by without really being there - Be where you are - Carve some time for a simple gratitude practice to reflect on what went well, what you loved, what you did not love, what was hard, and to celebrate what you did together. There will be problems to solve, work to be done but when you are really there, you move through it and even find the joy in it!

  3. Don’t experience the summer slide - Be a good full - Learn the Champs Strategy to make sure your kids are still creating, practicing skills, and have a structure and gives you some time to do what you need to do. Summer will be full - let it be full with what really fills you and your children up while also setting you up to be your best.

  4. Don’t overdo it - Be Carefree - Learn how to create space for boredom, open afternoons, and to be okay with some uncertainty. Learn how to find calm in your heart even when it is busy and chaotic around you - which it will be sometimes! Learn some breathing and mindfulness to help you be your best and see how it shifts the energy in your home for the better

  5. Don’t get stuck on expectations for how it should be and miss out how it is now right in front of you - Be Real - The way you do things is more important than what you do. Sometimes children love the most simple things. Meaningful conversations and happen when they're not planned, in the in-between time. Learn how to pause and recenter when it gets hard so you have clarity how to best move forward. See the joy even in the imperfection - life is movement and messy. If you are doing it just to do it, to cross off a list, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it. Be real with your kids and do simple, fun things and see your relationship grow + get the bonus workbook - awesome free places in nature to explore right out your backdoor!

Join the free webinar this friday at 10am when we dive into these topics and set you up for a fun summer!

Summers are a great time to build greater connection and create a family flow is in motion with your family, not against it.

Take this time to reflect on what is important to you and your family, to think about what time you have this summer and really make the most of it!

We teach our children values by how we show up and respond to life that is ever moving and flowing around us. These strategies can set you and your children up for a summer that is carefree and fun while still getting stuff done!

The webinar is in partnership with A House in Austin. Any donations will support this organization that nurtures families on the West Side of Chicago.

Grab your coffee, invite a friend, and join for this fun webinar!

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