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7 Signs you are NOT Living TRUTH and need to MAKE a SHIFT

Updated: May 25, 2023

One of the biggest obstacles in the way of growth and living truth is... Fear. Fear of embarrassment, of failing, or being judged or getting it wrong.

I spent a lot of time in that place. Not raising my hand when I had something to say ... in fear that my thought wasn't good enough. Avoiding social events with new people... in fear that I wasn't worthy of sharing the space. Or hesitating to try something new... for fear of being embarrassed that I would do it badly.

In retrospect, we see that we don't regret the things we tried and didn't get right. We regret those things we never tried.

So many missed opportunities as I look back on these experiences. When we think thoughts like "I can't do that" or "I'm too old, young, busy, slow to learn, cool to learn..." we are not In Truth.

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Truth is the VOICE INSIDE that is FOR you

Those little ideas, thoughts, glimmers that give you hope and make you feel good and alive are YOUR TRUTH. They are seeds of dreams planted within you that are for you. It's up to you to listen, nourish, and bring your IDEAS or something as simple as a next step to life. It's in doing the things, trying and just getting out there that we experience deeper joy.

It takes COURAGE to be the person you really are

Even when we get it wrong or put a layer or mask on, we are still there. It takes courage to chip away the surface level stuff and expose your essence and listen to the truth within. It's worth it.

Even if it's one thing , 10 minutes of your day. Your passion, your idea is worth 10 minutes. Turning within, listening and trusting is how you Live TRUTH and feel real and fulfilled at the end of the day.

Living Truth - The Gateway to greater meaning, joy, love - all the good stuff

That fear of embarrassment or failing or stacking up. We have to let that go because growth has a little of all of that innate in it. It's part of the process of growing and becoming to feel a little uncomfortable.

All of our advertising and media tells us that getting there - to the place, status, thing... is when we'll feel that great fulfillment and joy. Yet, any marathon runner, athlete , or successful business owner can tell you, it's NOT Truth. Joy is in the journey. It's not WHERE you go, it's HOW you get there that matters most and leads to the fulfillment your heart desires.

Truth is is the Journey, the getting there, not in where you go.

For those of us that got there - whatever that may be - often find it didn't bring the lasting joy they thought it might. Because it's in the moving, the growing, the living. It's in the moments, showing up for the people we love, being loved, being present, and making moments together, learning, growing and evolving that we feel joy. Joy is in the giving, serving, contributing, and taking steps in alignment to that voice inside you. It only comes from WITHIN. The little voice telling you try try, to step out, to introduce yourself... LISTEN and say yes and you'll feel bliss.

"Anyone who has found some bliss knows…. You were put here to contribute to the lives of other people - in your own very unique and beautiful way." - Ed Mylett

7 Signs You are NOT Living Truth (with some steps to do something different)

  1. You feel Comfortable all the time If you are feeling comfortable all the time, you got to step out and try something new. We are here to GROW through life, not GO through life. We grow through our challenges and it's up to us to keep getting out there and trying. It would be boring if everything rosy and comfortable and easy all the time. All the good stuff has a little bit of up and down - that's how we grow and appreciate all the good, right! Ask the question...How can I choose COURAGE over comfort today?

  2. You feel ALONE and believe you are THE ONLY ONE who can't get it right When we are out of alignment and in a lower frequency emotion, we feel alone and isolated. We feel that everyone else has it right. And at times, it can be comfortable to stay in that place of misery. Maybe we've gotten used to it there? Believe me, nobody has it all figured out and staying in that negative place serves nobody. In those moments you need to ask a question, do something different to make a shift and to get out of that lower energy mindset. Energy flows where your attention goes. Focus on something different to feel different. Ask the question... what can I focus on now to change my vibration, my energy?

  3. You look OUTSIDE of you for VALIDATION and WORTHINESS. Why do so many of us feel unworthy of what we truly desire? We are inundated with messages from advertisers, media that an accomplishment, posession, or thing will help us to feel love, valued, and worthy. It's so NOT true. It can only come from within. Your SELF has all it needs to be worthy, loved, and valued. It's within and exudes out. Your next answer, step, guidance, inspiration it starts from being open. As you open you are guided by the people, moments, experiences that you say yes to. Ask the question... what would you find the courage to do if you knew you were worthy?

  4. You are your own BIGGEST CRITIC. Have you developed a voice inside you that is always against you? Do people extend congratulations, thanks, positivity to you and you immediatly shrug it off it. This is NOT your truth. You've developed that voice to protect you somewhere along the way. It keeps you safe. But SAFE all the time does not lead to the GROWTH and LIFE your soul desires. But now it's time to LET IT GO. You can notice it. Then say thanks and return to TRUTH. Ask the question... how can I CHOOSE LOVE for me, for others, for life in this moment?

  5. You lose your job, relationship, status [insert any THING] an you think you've lost yourself. You are made whole, perfect and complete. Your essence is love and truth and wholeness. The world makes you think the things you do, have, wear are what make you whole. This is not TRUTH. Nothing lasts. So naturally things will come and go in your life, but you remain and are whole despite the loss of certain things. The externals can't and don't define you because they will not last. Ask the question... what is one thing I can do today to feel more wholeness and love?

  6. You feel OUT of ALIGNMENT, like you're not sure how you got here and how to get out. That feeling of total overwhelm but feel like you're still not doing enough. Or that gnawing feeling inside that you're living a life for someone or something else, not what you truly desire. This is no way to be! It happens to so many of us. We make choices that make others happy, say yes when we mean no, spend our precious days full of things that deplete us instead of filling us up. This is not truth. Freedom comes from being in your integrity. You have to trust your inner guidance. Within your self is all the power to do what is yours to do and step into who you were made to be. Ask the question.... Pause, focus on your breath, place our hand on your heart. What do I need right now and listen? The pause itself will help you feel better and return to love and truth.

  7. You blame all of what's going on in your life on things outside of you. We begin living in truth when we take responsibility for our lives. It's easy to blame family, conditions, illness, mistreatments for our level of well-being. You will never feel fulfilled thinking this way. We don't have control over all that happens in our lives. When we look outside of ourselves we may feel like everyone has it easier than us.Truth is looking at your life now from where it used to be and where you desire to be. We get to choose how we respond. You can always pause, take a breath, and respond with intention. Ask the question... How can I show up from my higher self, in alignment with truth?

Truth is in the Living

You live truth by turning within, trusting yourself and taking steps in alignment. You can ask yourself, does this energize me? Follow what fills you up, what energizes you, what makes you feel alive. Listen to guided meditations to help you center and return within where your inner guidance is. Many of us have lost sight of it. You can return to it choice by choice, moment by moment.

Follow these steps to Live Truth and Feel more Real and Fulfilled

From someone who missed many moments because of fear, I can assure you it's no way to be. You are made whole, perfect and complete. You just may have lost sight of it in the tribulations of the day.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? " - Marianne Williamson


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