Parent Education Workshops

Below is an overview of workshops that I offer virtually via Zoom or in-person. Workshop topics may also be customized for specific audiences and topics.


1. New Baby: Sleep, Soothing, & Creating a Rhythm

The first few months of a baby’s life are called the 4th trimester because it takes baby some time to get used to life outside the womb. During this workshop, you will learn how to create an environment for your baby to thrive that is like what they experienced inside the womb, you will learn why babies cry and how to recognize baby’s cues to respond in a nurturing way, as well as soothing and sleep techniques and how to set yourself up to create a rhythm at home with your baby. Meet other parents with similar-aged babies, ask questions, and learn techniques, tips, and education about adjusting to life at home with your baby.


2. Mindful Family: Appreciate more + stress less at home with your children

How do you focus on what's going right and stay in an appreciative frame of mind at home? Join presenter Lindsay Ambrose as she shares meditation, mindfulness, and appreciative mindset techniques with you. You’ll learn a a proven 3-step method for taking your 'brain to the gym' to help you appreciate the present more, imagine what you desire for your life, and take little steps in alignment to make your days more meaningful. She will offer a guided meditation, time for reflection, and clear steps for how you can carry out these lessons into your everyday, which is especially important during the busyness of life at home with littles.


3. Potty Training: Do it once, do it right

Potty Training can be an incredibly discouraging time for families if you don’t follow the right methodology. In this workshop, learn a proven methodology so your child learns how do do it once, and do it right. A certified facilitator in the Oh Crap Potty training methodology, Lindsay debunks the common myths, helps you assess if your child is capable, lays out a framework, and shares best practices, while also answering your questions so you and your child are set up for successful, low-stress potty training experience.


4. Visualization and Action: Imagine your ideal life and learn the systems to achieve what you desire

Step outside of your daily grind and think about what YOU want in your life, in all the important areas, and learn strategies to begin creating action toward achieving it. In this workshop, we’ll start with a guided visualization to help you think about your dream for your life - what do you want for your health, work, relationships, and family, and . Some journal time will follow. Next, will be instruction on how to create a vision board that is both actionable and inspiring followed by some time to get working on it.

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