Parent Support Group

Below is an overview of a 6-week support, education, and connection group for expecting and new moms.


Allow local new parents to gather in a safe, supportive space for new baby education, connection, and support through this facilitated New Parent education and support group. Structured so the first part gives parents an opportunity to meet and connect with one another through facilitated discussion/sharing time. They can ask questions, share experiences, and discuss the ups and downs of this wonderful yet anxiety-producing time of welcoming a new baby. Second part of each session will be parent education with facilitated discussion and education about relevant topics, including:

  • Management of expectations: Navigating new roles for whole family; What to expect: at the hospital, in your transition home, and how to learn from your baby. Stillness, Observation, Intention.

  • Soothing / What does your newborn need:  Emotional, Physical, and Social-Emotional; Creating nurturing, womb-like environment for your baby during their '4th trimester'

  • Feeding Education: Understanding your baby's cues; Tips and techniques for Breast, Bottle, & Starting Solids.

  • Creating Family Flow & Helping new siblings: Finding a new rhythm with baby, and mindful family practices; Helping siblings connect with baby.

  • Sleep: Creating environment for sleep, teaching sleep skills, Lengthening daytime and nighttime sleep, what to expect developmentally regarding sleep at different stages.

  • Taking care of yourself: Emotional regulation, How to integrate mindfulness and meditation into your day to stress less + appreciate more, Postpartum depression, anxiety, and mood symptoms and causes, and resources.



Meet for 90 minute sessions weekly or bi-weekly for 6 weeks.



Parents who are expecting or had a baby within 6 months.



Allow this group to be a gateway to getting to know other new parents in the area while gaining valuable information and resources for your baby and you!


  • 6-week session, Meet 90 minutes each time (up to 12 familes) $120/family

  • Group services option: 6-week session, Meet 90 minutes each time (up to 12 families) $765

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